Fsh welding / m/s. selectarc industries – grandvillars france
We import special electrodes like: duplex, super duplex, inconel and many nickel based electrodes & wires, flux cored wires form fsh welding - france. The company boasts of a wide portfolio of welding consumables and equipments to cater to more than 500customers spanning small / medium & large scale industries. Everest engineering enterprises has increased its established name in the engineering industry as the service provider of importing and stocking the speciality goods to cater their critical requirements.
Everest engineering enterprises has a vast customer base ranging from multi million corporation to small end users besides its own estabilished multi dealer net-work not only in tamil nadu but in the neighbouring states by engaging a strong marketing team of sales and service engineers. And is prized with acclamation for its best performance year after year. Everest engineering enterprises has recently incorporated a new company under the name and style of everest welding private limied to for their special welding needs and to ensure its after sales services. Everest engineering enterprises has been functioning with a self principled integrity by extending standard products with the best and assured quality and on-time service to satisfy its valued customers. We help in selecting the right product right process and provides technical solution to welding problems.